Advanced Workshops

Building the Business Case

Shouldn’t all business investments provide a positive return?  Of course they should.  However, when we look at the intended impact of corporate business cases, the results aren’t always as planned?  Why? Often, the data or fact base on which the business case is created is not verified or valid. On another level, cross-functional buy-in wasn’t obtained.

How would you like to have your business teams build a better business case? Whether it’s a new production line, a market expansion program, or a new product innovation, Business Acumen Institute can help.

Building the Business Case workshop is an applied learning program.  In this program, between two and four business case project teams are appointed.  Each team is guided through a templated workshop. First, it’s a two-day live workshop. Then, the teams work for three to six weeks fine-tuning the business case.  Business Acumen Institute’s expert facilitators provide guidance and coaching so that each team can create a “board-ready” business case presentation.

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