Train The Trainer (T3) Program

The Business Acumen Institute can help your company to develop the wherewithal to deliver comprehensive business acumen capability building. We leverage the Business Acumen Institute’s broad expertise and learning assets to build the capability to deliver the Business Acumen Workshop in an efficient, cost-effective manner – in six weeks or less!

Our Train the Trainer (T3) program has been designed for enterprise clients who wish to deploy current employees to deliver the Business Acumen Workshop.

Our full-service program provides onboarding, instruction, coaching, and feedback to help ensure that facilitators will be prepared to deliver the Business Acumen training program. Clients are expected to appoint instructors who have sufficient business experience, a view to the firm’s strategy, and sufficient practice as skilled facilitators.

How It Works

The Business Acumen Institute provides full-service, hands-on training for your designated facilitators.The onboarding process consists of a pilot delivery, personalized coaching, and observation during the first deployment. Future facilitators will take part in the following process:

  1. Experience a live two-day Business Acumen workshop
  2. Participate in a two-day interactive bootcamp with content, facilitation and rehearsal coaching
  3. Study the handbook and instructor guide
  4. Co-facilitate your first internal workshop with a team member from the Business Acumen Institute
  5. Gain additional coaching and rehearsal time.

We Provide The Resources To Deliver A Multi-Dimensional Professional Development Program

Allow your team to focus on content, and contributing to organizational transformation. Not only do we provide the resources for your trainers, but the tools for your team members to put it into action.

  • Textbook: The Business Acumen Handbook
  • Pre-Workshop Business Acumen Self-Assessment
  • Post-Workshop Workbook
  • Post-workshop Certificate Test
  • A Tailored Professional Development Action Plan
  • Workshop Instructor Guide
  • Coaching for facilitators

To learn more about our qualifications and process:

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