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Business Acumen Essentials

Cultivate Transformative Leadership Mindsets and Capabilities

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Turn Your Emerging Leaders into Business Superstars

The Business Acumen Institute focuses on building the essential capabilities of emerging leaders and managers so the organization can deliver on the promise of corporate transformation.

At the Business Acumen Institute, we believe that leadership and management capabilities can be fortified when people are taught how to think holistically about the business and how their actions impact bottom-line results.

The Business Acumen Workshop can help these emerging leaders by demonstrating how to think about the multi-dimensional aspects that make up business acumen as shown in the Business Acumen Canvas, and as articulated in The Business Acumen Handbook.

The workshop’s comprehensive skill-building exercises reinforce key concepts by offering the opportunity to practice and apply.

The Business Acumen Workshop has been adapted for remote work, on-demand learning, and economic realities.   Add the online, on-demand course, Business Acumen Essentials, to your company’s learning library.  To review the introductory video, click here.

Corporate Training

Customized Business Acumen Training

Don’t settle for an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all approach. Invest in a business acumen training program purposefully designed to cultivate the strategic mindset and business acumen your company needs to gain a competitive edge.

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Flexible Training Delivery Options

The courses can be delivered in any of the following modalities.


Onsite Workshops

Immersive, in-person training sessions held at your office or preferred location. Our expert facilitators create an engaging, collaborative environment tailored to your team’s dynamics.


Virtual Instructor-Led Programs

Interactive live online sessions delivered by seasoned trainers, allowing your dispersed workforce to participate from anywhere, on a schedule convenient for your organization.


On-Demand Online Courses

Self-paced, multimedia online training modules enable individualized learning paths for your employees to build business acumen skills at their own pace.

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