Business Acumen Public Workshop

As an emerging leader, you’re expected to focus on the big picture of the business, cultivate relationships across the company, and contribute to the advancement of the firm’s goals.  It’s not simply a matter of subject-area expertise but your ability to understand various dimensions of a business that are in play as situations arise.  Your bosses also want you to analyze an ongoing stream of data, collaboratively solve problems, and make better business decisions.

This Business Acumen Public Workshop is designed to help emerging leaders by demonstrating how to think about the multi-dimensional aspects that make up business acumen as shown in the Business Acumen Canvas, and as articulated in The Business Acumen Handbook.  The workshop’s comprehensive skill-building exercises reinforce key concepts by offering the opportunity to practice and apply.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  1.  Master the mindset required to think holistically about business
  2.  Lead teams and influence people
  3.  Use and optimize business processes
  4.  Manage projects to achieve goals
  5.  Understand products and markets
  6.  Utilize finance and financial analysis
  7.  Formulate goals and strategies
  8.  Analyze data, solve problems, and make decisions
  9.  Assess business performance

At the Business Acumen Institute, we believe that leadership and management capabilities can be fortified when people are taught how to think holistically about the business, and how their actions impact bottom-line results.