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Assess the Business Acumen of Emerging Leaders in My Company

Senior executives and their talent management partners are continually looking for ways to accelerate the time to proficiency for emerging leaders and managers. Leadership development programs provide some frameworks, yet a more integrated approach is needed to overlay the competencies and capabilities associated with business acumen.

Optimize Your Leadership Pipeline with the Business Acumen Competency Assessment

Creating clear paths to executive management for aspiring leaders is crucial for any organization aiming to build a robust leadership pipeline. The Business Acumen Competency Assessment is a powerful tool that provides the vital data needed to augment your talent development strategy for rising leaders. By leveraging this assessment, organizations can identify and bridge the “knowing-doing” gap for future leaders.

Highlight Vital Competencies with the Business Acumen Canvas

Based on The Business Acumen Canvas, this assessment is composed of ten competency clusters divided into 79 activity statements. It utilizes two rating scales to evaluate both knowledge and application, offering a nuanced understanding of an individual’s capabilities and pointing out significant gaps between knowledge and experience. Optional validation interviews can provide even deeper insights, ensuring a thorough analysis.

Tailored Training Programs for Aspiring Leaders

The detailed insights from the Business Acumen Competency Assessment guide the development of targeted business acumen training programs. These programs equip aspiring leaders with the essential skills needed to excel at the executive level. By focusing on specific competencies and practical applications, organizations can ensure their future leaders are well-prepared to drive success and innovation.

business acumen competency flow diagram