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Steven Haines:

Speaker, Author, Thought Leader, Expert Facilitator

Steven Haines is a trusted business thought leader who illuminates pathways for your future leaders and managers. His role as a speaker is to educate, engage, and entertain.His talks can help you change your mind so you can change your mindset.

As the best selling author of several business books, including the Business Acumen Handbook, he’s guided business leaders to achieve business acumen greatness.


It’s a given, that when emerging managers and leaders exhibit the right level of business acumen they can contribute greatly to the firm’s strategic potential. Steven Haines knits together the fabric of disciplines that comprise business acumen so that your future leaders have the capability to bring your company into the next decade.

From his experience as a corporate leader to owning and running two of his own companies, Steven Haines realizes that sometimes, your team will benefit from external perspectives that may stimulate new ideas. Steven Haines is your external voice to catalyze the mindfulness required to approach your company’s future.

Steven customizes his talks to help you achieve the goal you set for your event. Steven’s talks aren’t delivered as monologues: they are highly interactive so that that the audience is continuously engaged, challenged, and inspired.

Topics of Recent Speeches

  • Using Business Acumen to Support Leadership Development
  • 5 Ways Poor Leaders Cost Your Company Money
  • How to Cultivate Leaders to Think and Act Like Entrepreneurial Market-Focused Business Strategists
  • Building Unified Perspective on Business Acumen for Your Leadership Team



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