Who It’s For

At the Business Acumen Institute, we strive to help managers understand the pillars of their companies’ business and to operate effectively and efficiently. Our training program is designed to partner with learning and development professionals to best position the training to their organization. We find that our program is most effective for executives, and corporate business people.

For Executives

The desire for increased levels of business acumen is one of the top strategic imperatives for senior leaders, across industries and around the world. They want to cultivate business talent and develop future leaders on their path to strategic success.

The Business Acumen Institute supports senior executives through the refinement of core skills associated with business acumen.

This includes:

  • Strategic Thinking
  • People Skills
  • Financial Expertise
  • A Powerful Orientation Toward Customers
  • Building Competitive Advantage.

The Business Acumen Institute has a singular focus: to make business people better so that they can collaborate, solve problems, execute on strategy, and deliver results to the firm.

For Business People

Your bosses want you to see the big picture of everything business. They want you to evaluate an ongoing stream of data, collaboratively solve problems, and make informed decisions.

The Business Acumen Institute offers a portfolio of resources and a unique professional development program that can help you on your business career journey. When participating in the Business Acumen training program you will be immersed in the following resources:

  1. The Business Acumen Handbook
  2. A Self-Assessment
  3. The Business Acumen Workshop
  4. A Professional Development Action Plan


We offer both corporate training programs for organizations, and public workshops for individual business people looking to improve on their own.