Business Acumen Training – Online, On-Demand

Emerging leaders and managers who need to develop greater levels of business acumen will benefit from our unique, on-demand business acumen course.   This course focuses on the key building blocks of business acumen as shown in the Business Acumen Canvas, and leverages content from The Business Acumen Handbook.   The course also includes an exclusive workbook that contains all the exercises and more, so you can apply what you learn.

The Business Acumen Workshop has been adapted for the world of remote work, on-demand learning, and economic realities.  Add the online, on-demand course, Business Acumen Essentials, to your company’s learning library.  To review the introductory video, click here.

Interested in viewing the online course? Try before you buy with our two module course preview. Learn more about the course experience, view an abridge workbook, watch the on-demand learning views included in Modules 1 and 2 and ultimate get started on your learning journey. To access our complimentary course preview, please register here.

The course is modeled after The Business Acumen Handbook, as well as the Business Acumen Canvas. To further understand this model, take a look at this video:

The Business Acumen Online, On-demand Course can be purchased individually, for a team,  or for an entire organization.


The Business Acumen Canvas

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