Business Acumen Advanced Workshop

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Business Acumen Advanced Workshop

For any manager, leader, or leader of leaders, formulating and executing on a solid strategy will always offer opportunities and present challenges. Today’s corporations require strategic-thinking businesspeople who have the requisite business acumen to gather customer and market insights, assess past and present business performance, and recalibrate resources to maintain or gain competitive advantage – all while influencing others who are needed to drive the business into the future.

The practice involved in formulating strategies can be more deeply embedded into the fabric of the firm if people understand what’s to be done and how. Whether it’s at the company level, business unit level, or even at the product level, all strategies are formulated the same way: through a review of the past and present data, the synthesis of data, and a portrayal of vision, goals, strategic initiatives, and metrics.

This strategic planning program consists of a 2-day comprehensive workshop and an optional 6-8 week work project in which participating teams are asked to develop their strategy presentations. One of our expert facilitators individually guides the work projects via online coaching sessions. The program culminates in an onsite (or virtual) report-out of the completed presentations. Success is more easily assured with a designated, empowered team with the right mix of company knowledge, functional expertise, and a ready-to-achieve mindset.

The companion resource for the business case program is the mini-book, How to Create a Winning Strategy.


The Business Acumen Institute will adapt, adjust, or augment our content.


The courses can be delivered in any of the following modalities.

  • Onsite – at your location
  • Virtual instructor-led – at your convenience

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