The Business Acumen Handbook

Leaders rely on business people to see the big picture and get things done. They want mindset and mojo, all in one! The problem is that all business people aren’t wired that way, and that’s where The Business Acumen Handbook comes in.

The book is filled with tools, templates, exercises, and guidelines. It also introduces readers to their own individual business acumen assessment so that they can create a purposeful career and professional development strategy.

This book is also the companion text for the Business Acumen Workshop offered by The Business Acumen Institute.

Everything You Need to Succeed in the Corporate World

The main idea behind The Business Acumen Handbook is to help managers understand the pillars of their company’s business, and to operate more effectively and efficiently. After reading this book, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand and apply the dimensions of business acumen that focus on people, processes, projects, and products so that you can see the “big picture of business”
  • Incorporate finance, strategy, and performance management into your professional mindset
  • Develop a model for how to effectively communicate with, and influence others.
  • Understand complex business situations, evaluate facts and data, and make better decisions