Corporate Delivery

Digitization, automation, and global growth are ever-present in the modern corporation. Across all levels, the need for business acumen continues to grow. The Business Acumen Workshop is geared for on-site corporate delivery in any location around the world. It’s designed to provide a team-oriented capability building experience that will boost business expertise, build both hard and soft skills, and create strategically-minded business people.

The Business Acumen workshop can be enhanced or modified to move in lock-step with any company’s evolution or transformation.

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Our four-dimensional professional development program consistently includes:

Public Delivery

For individuals or small groups who want to experience the Business Acumen Workshop, the public workshop option is for you. Here, you’ll work in collaborative cross-functional teams on mini-cases and projects that are focused on developing critical acumen skills.

Each exercise helps you build a mental model of the interconnected elements of the corporate landscape. This equips you with the ability to bring back key skills associated with customers, products, processes, and business/financial performance.

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