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Your company is on a transformational journey. The sectors in which you operate rapidly evolve, customers’ needs seem to change daily, and the edict to deliver distinctive, differentiated products and services is relentless.

Leaders rely on business people to see the big picture and get things done. They want mindset and mojo, all in one! The problem is that all business people aren’t wired that way, and that’s where the Business Acumen Institute comes in. The Business Acumen Institute focuses on one thing, and one thing only: to make business people better so they can collaborate, solve problems, execute on strategy, and deliver results to the firm.

Consider Business Acumen Institute as your trusted source and advisor where our business acumen training programs can help business people understand and apply the dimensions of business acumen that focus on people, processes, projects, and products that every sees as “the big picture of business”.

Tailored Content

We know that one size doesn’t fit all. When you partner with the Business Acumen Institute, we’ll work together to adjust or modify our Business Acumen Workshop to help you achieve the learning goals that are most critical.

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Our four-dimensional professional development program includes:

  • Access to the Business Acumen Assessment
  • A Copy of The Business Acumen Handbook by Steven Haines
  • The Business Acumen Workshop
  • A Tailored Professional Development Action Plan

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